Griffith University

Named after Sir Samuel Walker Griffith, who was twice the Premier of Queensland, the first Chief Justice of the High Court of Australia, and the principal author of the Australian Constitution, Griffith University is a high-ranking university with unconventional study locations. While most people choose to come to Australia to study in cities like Sydney and Melbourne, Griffith University has 5 distinct locations for higher education. It offers 3 campuses in Brisbane alone and 2 in Logan and the Gold Coast, which are known to be environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. Not only is it in the list of top 300 universities around the world and provides a 5-star education experience, it is also a research-oriented and connected community offering a diverse collection of study options like Marine Engineering, Aviation, and Law. Griffith University brings disciplines together to address the key issues of our time, which makes studying there a truly unique experience.

Spend the Summer in Spain

Want to spend the summer doing something fun and learning new things at the same time? Why not try applying to UCAM Short Courses or Language Programs. Based in the Spanish city of Murcia, UCAM University is offering 2 to 3-week courses on a wide-variety of unique courses such as Sports Management, Bioinformatics, Video Technology, Tourism Industry Management, Spanish Language, and more! Short courses are effective to learn more about a certain field of study or enhance your existing abilities in the field. They also expand career paths and give students the extra tutoring needed due to small classroom numbers. These course packages also provide food, accommodation, a tour of the city of Murcia, and a company visit to UCAM’s business partners each week.

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Study in the UK

Offering creative programs such as Design, Media and Communications, Visual Cultures, Music and a range of Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education courses, Goldsmiths University is ideal or students who would like to pursue modern implementations of classic fields like Psychology, Sociology, Theatre, and Education. Some of its programs are amongst the world’s top 100s, and Goldsmiths tuition fees are relatively lower than others in the region. Located in South East London, Goldsmiths offers a vibrant mix of cultural experiences and is a city for world-famous museums and global business. The best part is that scholarships are available and it’s not too late to apply!

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