Alumni Closeups

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Joya Daccache – Hult University

By: Education Basket Choosing a postgraduate program is often stressful.  Many of you might wonder, what would work best: Get more professional experience before going back to university? Jump on a new academic experience directly upon graduation? Take a year off to travel, find your one true passion? In this series of articles, we will […]

Tony Chami

Tony Chami – University of Nicosia

by: Education Basket It is not easy choosing a major, nor a university that will be a stepping stone to your future. This is why we have decided to interview some of our partner universities’ graduates in this series of articles hoping their experience might help you make the right choice. Tony Chami, a 27 […]

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Zainab Ali – BSc. University of Bradford – MA. Luiss University

Choosing to travel for higher education can be stressful to say the least. In this column, we try to get you some real student feedback and experience hoping this would help you make up your mind about your choice of university, major, but also career path. Zainab Ali completed a Bachelor of Science in International […]

Khaled Mekawi

Khaled Mekawi – Gisma Business School

Choosing a particular postgraduate degree or a destination can someone seem hard for students. This column gives you real life students experiences in international institutions. Khaled Mekawi completed his master’s degree in Germany at Gisma Business School in partnership with Kingston University of London. He described the experience as “great, I got the experience and […]

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Aly Ibrahim, Vistula University

By: Education Basket Deciding to pursue higher education abroad can often prove to be challenging. Some of our students have shared their experience with us. Meet Aly Ibrahim, who, during the peak of the COVID crisis, enrolled at Vistula University in Poland for a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. “I have had a really great […]

Tasneem Elsabaa

Tasneem Elsabaa, De Montfort University

by: Education Basket Meet Tasneem, she is 26 years old and recently graduated with a Master’s degree in Interior Design from De Montfort University in the UK. Tasneem described her study abroad experience as a “character development adventure” which helped her get closer to her dreams. We asked Tasneem about the advantages of getting an […]

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Yasmina Kaka, De Montfort University

There are endless rewards that come with studying abroad. The challenges that students face are what usually make them grow and help them acquire the skills needed to excel in their everyday lives. In this alumni closeups segment, Yasmina Kaka shared with us her experience during and after her graduation from De Montfort University in […]

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Abderraouf Azkak, Paris School of Business

Last year, we helped Abderraouf Azkak enroll at the Paris School of Business to pursue his bachelor’s degree in international management. Following up with him, we discussed his experience of studying and living abroad and his plans for a master’s degree. Abderraouf described his undergraduate years as “transformative”. He built a solid foundation in international […]

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