Joya Daccache – Hult University

By: Education Basket

Choosing a postgraduate program is often stressful. 

Many of you might wonder, what would work best: Get more professional experience before going back to university? Jump on a new academic experience directly upon graduation? Take a year off to travel, find your one true passion?

In this series of articles, we will be giving you some student feedback on their experience. 

Joya, a Lebanese student, chose to head to Boston’s Hult Business School campus for a Master’s degree in International Marketing. She talked us through her journey. 

When asked about her academic experience at Hult, Joya showed serious appreciation when it came to the practical aspect of the coursework delivered at Hult: “My masters experience was amazing, full of activities and growth. It is worth noting that all the exercises that we did in class were all based on real life cases”.

On another note, Joya also enjoyed gaining international experience, getting out of her “comfort zone, getting to know new and different cultures”. The university pushed students to interact with each other inside but also outside of the classroom, creating cohesion and team spirit.  

As a Hult graduate, Joya received personalized assistance when she started looking for a job. As a Lebanese citizen looking to work in the USA, she needed to find a company willing to sponsor international applicants, which made the process last 6 to 8 months before she could land a job that fit her profile and ambitions. During this time, “Hult helped fix her CV, revamp her LinkedIn profile” all the while assisting her to filter job openings and only apply to the most relevant ones. 

Today, as a full time employee, she realizes how spot-on her course at Hult was. In fact, during her course, she undertook an “EXCEL bootcamp, a tool she now masters and uses on a daily basis” not to forget the “Salesforce introduction they had which made her onboarding at work much smoother”. 

In a nutshell, taking practical courses during her master’s degree allowed Joya to be ready for the workplace. She currently uses “all the marketing tactics for social media campaigns she learnt at school. Moreover, group projects really helped her learn to listen to others’ opinions as well as build management, communication and follow-up skills. Today, this really helps her work well and communicate clearly with her colleagues at work”.

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