What documents do I need for my visa application?

When you go to your visa appointment, you usually need to have all the documents you used to obtain your university offer.

Adding to the above, you will also need a Financial guarantee/Bank statement

This document should be in your name or in your parent’s name (in this case, your will need a birth certificate)

These differ depending on the country you choose.

  • For the UK, you will need to show a 28-day Bank statement from a current account showing no less than:
    • London: the tuition fee + maintenance fees 11,385.00GBP (1,265 × 9 months)
    • Any other city: the tuition fee + maintenance fees 9,135.00GBP (1,015 × 9 months)
  • For the USA you will need a Bank Statement of 30,000USD or more (depending on the University fees
  • For Canada, you need to show a Bank Statement with the amount of the tuition fee +10,000CAD or more
  • For the European Union, you will need to have at least 10,000EUR in your account
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