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June 10, 2024

The Genius

Igniting Passions Beyond the Classroom 

By Lyne Jradi

Ever felt like school is just a constant loop of lectures, notes, and tests that don’t really light

CV Writing Workshop for High School Students

December 20, 2021

CV Writing


Personal Statement Workshop

November 25, 2021

Personal Statement

What is a personal statement? and how do you get it right when applying to universities?. Ghida covers everything you need to know about writing a unique personal statement.


Study Abroad for High School Students

November 16, 2021

Study Abroad

Entry requirements, deadlines, application process, destinations and more.


Career Orientation With Introduction To CareerExplorer

October 14, 2021

Career Orientation

This practical webinar will help students discover how their skills and interests can be used to create their career using CareerExplorer toolTake your career test now https://youtu.be/EmxtSpv2w5s 

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Learning Online During a Pandemic: A Student’s Perspective

By: Rim EL Hasbani   2020 was a year full of challenges, to the say the least. Many sectors in Lebanon were drastically affected by the global pandemic, economic crisis, and political tension.  Education in Lebanon has always been a topic of debate, even before the recent events that shook the country. Some of the […]

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Education Basket Insights: International teacher recruitment amidst the pandemic

By Mira Majzoub   Working in international teacher recruitment amidst the pandemic was one interesting experience to go through to say the least. International teachers have changed their behavior on how they choose jobs as well as their will to relocate. The education world had to adapt and globally, schools switched to a completely new […]

EB-Blog Post

Online Learning in the Arab region: Perspectives and Challenges

By Rim EL Hasbani   The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we perceive and experience several things, including education. The world has witnessed a drastic change in education, turning from conventional and traditional on-campus learning to e-learning. Globally, universities and schools are tailoring their programs and curriculums to make them more fit to online […]

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Your Profile is of Our Interest: Access MBA Back in Beirut!

The Access MBA Tour is visiting Beirut on April 16th to guide the most ambitious business professionals to their dream MBA degree and professional fulfillment. Sign up for the Access MBA One-to-One event to benefit from: Professional profile evaluation and coaching One-to-One meetings with top international business schools Individual consulting sessions with Access MBA experts […]

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Ich Liebe Deutschland

Have you ever considered studying in Germany? Well if you haven’t, you probably should. Not only is it one of the world’s most attractive student destinations, but German degrees are highly respected amongst employers worldwide.   Here are some of our partner universities in Germany:  EURASIA Institute  Munich Business School  Jacobs University  GISMA Business School  Brand Academy  EU Business […]

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You should start planning !

As you plan to go back to school, pressure is also mounting for you to figure out what it is you will be up to next year! With more than 150 partner universities from all over the world, we can guarantee you that with our help you will get into the university of your dreams no matter the […]

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Still hoping to study in London ? It’s not too late !

It’s not too late !  There is still time to apply for 2018!  Many recognized universities in the UK are still accepting applications for foundation, undergraduate, and graduate programs. Education basket will handle the entire application process, from researching and applying to universities to applying for a student visa. For foundation programs, you can apply with only a scan of your passport, high school grades, and IELTS, and […]

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International Science Summer School

The University of East Anglia is offering a week-long summer program for secondary school students with a strong interest in science.  This program provides hands-on experience in Biology, chemistry, physics, and ecology with a range of practical experiments, workshops, and discussions.   For more information, please contact Education Basket directly.   

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Dreaming of studying in Spain ? Here’s your chance…

Don’t miss your chance!  Study in Spain  Choose to study in Spain, one of the largest and most visited countries in Europe. With its combination of excellent universities and attractive lifestyle, Spain is an ideal destination for international students. Whether it’s design, Business, Economics, Hotel Management, Pharmacy, or Sports, Spain offers many Education options at a lower cost. You will also get to experience the cosmopolitan environment of Europe mixed with a rich flamboyant culture, historical cities, beautiful beaches, acclaimed architecture, […]

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Seeking A Master’s Degree Abroad?

There is still time to apply! Why not spend a year living in countries like the UK or Spain and getting your master’s degree at the same time? 1-year programs at top universities are the easiest and fastest way to getting one step closer to the career of your dreams! Contact us for more information […]

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Spend the Summer in Spain

Want to spend the summer doing something fun and learning new things at the same time? Why not try applying to UCAM Short Courses or Language Programs. Based in the Spanish city of Murcia, UCAM University is offering 2 to 3-week courses on a wide variety of unique courses such as Sports Management, Bioinformatics, Video […]

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The Summer You’ll Always Remember!

Each year, Education Basket organizes summer programs for students to enjoy various types of activities and interests abroad. First, we offer elite university tours in the UK (St. Andrews, Durham University, and University of Oxford) and the US (Brown, Harvard University, Yale University). We also offer science courses such as the ones offered in the […]

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