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Position Title: Head of Early Years- Female

Reports to: School Principal

Job Location: Qatar

Position Objectives:

  • Under the guidance and leadership of the Principal, gain an understanding of the vision, mission, business goals and objectives of the Institution. Contribute to and lead the Schools’ business objectives; propose strategies to achieve short, medium, and long-term goals;
  • Improve student attainment and progress against international standards, alongside helping every child learn and acquire Islamic knowledge and ethos that aims to serve humanity;
  • Work closely with the Principal and Senior Management Team (SMT) to establish the strategic direction for the school with a focus on quality learning and teaching that will link into the Qatar Ministry of Education for National Evaluation for Early Years Educational (QNE – EYE) and WASC, to instill best Practice within Early Years settings;
  • Lead and manage significant aspects of the Early Years department under the direction of the Principal and SMT;
  • Assist the Principal with the financial management of school procurement, staffing, enrolment and admissions;
  • Lead and supervise the development of learning and teaching practices through coaching, mentoring in order to align them with the best international practices;
  • Build capacity for self-evaluation and developmental priorities and strategically plan improvements in Early Years practice;
    Maintain sound record keeping and recording in line with Qatar Ministry of Education; National Evaluation for Early Years Educational (QNE – EYE) standards;
  • Improve staff understanding and assessment of the curriculum to ensure robust reporting to the school, students and parents;
  • Identify and lead quality professional development for the teaching and support staff;
  • Drive and develop a culture of excellence based on continual reflection and improvement;
  • Develop, extend and maintain excellent partnerships and links with parents and community members.

The following are mandatory core requirements:

  • Good working knowledge of the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum;
  • An exemplary practitioner, responsible for classroom management and organization, planning, recording, reporting and the delivery of the EYFS curriculum to the class group, within the policies of the school;
  • Outstanding understanding of effective teaching and learning theory and practice of providing effectively for the individual needs of all children through classroom organization, differentiation and learning strategies;
  • Verifiable knowledge and experience with a track record of achievement in the context of being an excellent classroom practitioner, in terms of planning, challenging gifted pupils, innovatively supporting special needs and creatively organizing the learning environment;
  • Leadership experience of a year group, an area of the curriculum or an area of significant school development;
  • Experience of teaching/Knowledge of the English National Curriculum;
    To have graduated with a Recognizable Teaching qualification (B.Ed. / PGCE or equivalent most preferably from UK);
  • Significant knowledge and experience of the English National Curriculum particularly at Early Years / Foundation Stage;
  • Minimum 5 Years Leadership Experience.

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