Abderraouf Azkak, Business Administration, Paris School of Business

Hello, my name is Abderraouf Azkak, I would like to share my experiences about Education Basket and how I could actually move to my dream destination, one of the best agency I’ve worked with and the experience was very interesting. First of all my brother has recommended me Education basket in order to go study abroad because he already had an experience and it was very positive and that’s why he advised me to trust Education basket. I decided to contact them to see what and how I could study abroad so they proposed me many different options, I had Paris in mind and they offered me of the best business schools in Europe and not only in France so I’ve chooses Paris school of business, we have applied and we got the acceptance letter without any difficulties and that’s what I liked most is that as a student we don’t have to worry about anything regarding the procedure or how to contact the universities so they took care of everything and  they gave me this confidence and believes that my dream could definitely become true and this is what happened, I could get my student visa for France and they found me of the best accommodations here in Paris as well with an affordable price, I started my lectures at Paris school of business and I was very impressed about the international community and the environment there was so special, the quality of teaching and the group work that facilitate to get to know people, I am very satisfied about this experience and Education basket has really made my dream become a reality.

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