Anthony Zeaiter, Foundation in Computing, Northumbria University

“My name is Anthony Zeaiter and today I would like to share my journey with Education Basket regarding my preparation for my incoming flight to study in the UK. Before beginning this journey I had been exposed to many troubles and difficulties attempting to catch up and be up to date with what I have to do in order to successfully add a seat in my preferred university.  When I decided to begin with Education Basket, and specifically with Miss Hanine the journey was like a straight line. I never had to face difficulties because the steps with her were very straight forward. Hanine allows you to not only finish up undone inquiries but also helps you with many other things you didn’t even realize about, for example differentiating between universities. She was able to give me the best university regarding both price range and ranking of the university. She’s a very hardworking woman with a very friendly personality. This all helps for me even when I travel, this is because if I was in need of anything in the UK she would be helping me directly with anything.”

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