Students who need a foundation course at Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh will have to first pass by the Dubai campus, home of the university’s International Foundation program. With state of the art Engineering and Fashion Labs, the all new Heriot Watt Dubai campus offers a cosmopolitan university experience in a modern campus. Moreover, graduates from Heriot Watt University in Dubai can spend a year in Scotland. The degrees are provided by the main campus.

Durham University is England’s third oldest university offering a distinctive education with both ancient traditions and modern values. It is one of the UK’s leading universities ranking 5th in the UK and Top 100 in the world. In addition to its overall academic standing, it ranks in the world top 50 for employer reputation, guaranteeing a high employment rate for its graduates. It is further renowned for its excellent research-centered programs, modern research facilities, and a wide range of student activities including sports, theatre, and volunteering opportunities.  Durham University has a long history of welcoming students from all over the globe, ensuring an intercultural learning experience.