Berlin School of Business and Innovation (BSBI) is located in the heart of Berlin. BSBI prepares its students to becoming exceptional leaders in their chosen field of study while focusing on improving their practical business skills and understanding of the industry.

The Anglo-American University is the oldest private university in the Czech Republic. This prestigious university attracts international students because of its excellent programs and affordable tuition fees.

The university of Canada West prides itself with its diverse programs that are readily to attend on campus and online. It has a high employability rate, whereby most graduate students are able to secure internships and land jobs right after graduation.

Sheffield Hallam University is a modern University offering an affordable education in a vibrant city. It is one of the top 5 modern Universities in the UK for research (Research Excellence Framework 2014) with an international reputation in areas as art and design, sports science, biomedicine, and engineering. The university is affiliated with over 1000 organizations almost guaranteeing a right placement in the working field. With its up-to-date facilities and student employment services, Sheffield Hallam provides a student-centered environment distinguished for its modernity and research excellence.