OctoberTech 2018!

This month, we had a 2-day event on October 4 and 5 where we made several school visits to IC, ACS, Wellspring and SABIS Choueifat with our partner universities.




We have met hundreds of students who are interested in studying abroad and offered them advice. We also organized a whole day at LAU Beirut where students and faculty had the opportunity to meet and network with our partner universities. Our partner institutions present were Goldsmiths University, Queen Mary University of London, Newcastle University, George Mason University, Swansea University, Durham University (represented by Study Group), University of Central Florida (represented by Shorelight), Middlesex University of London, Northumbria University, UCAM, EU Business school, St. Andrews University, and City University of London (represented by INTO).




Our main event was held in the Beirut Digital District as an open free event and hosted over 400 students! The event was unique as it was not only a study abroad fair but also a career fair in the Tech industry and was sponsored by ICC. Students had the chance to equally benefit from the Universities and Start-ups present, which consisted of Synkers, Feel 22, Carpolo, Codemaker, The Little Engineer and several more. In this way, students were able to gain more insight into the current job market in Lebanon as well as consider educational opportunities abroad.






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