Touring Universities in the UK!

One of our counselors was invited to participate in a familiarization trip held by Navitas, a pathway provider we are partners with. Navitas generally provide pathways for students to enter universities in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. This trip was organized for one of our counselors to attend four different universities in the UK, which are the University of Portsmouth, Brunel University of London, Swansea University and the University of Hertfordshire. We’ll let Jessica S tell you more about her experience:

1- University of Portsmouth:

“My first destination was the University of Portsmouth, and I instantaneously fell in love with it. The university itself is not a campus-based university, but a city-based one, meaning that university buildings and accommodation are scattered all over the city center. Portsmouth is also a harbor town that blends its ancient architecture with its youthful spirit. During my time there I got to see the university and its facilities (mainly the sports facilities used by Sports Science students- a major that the university is well-known for), its accommodation and even got to visit the Emirates Spinnaker Tower which offers a panoramic view of the city. The staff also organized a fun activity for all international counselors present by presenting us with a murder case that we had to solve. By looking around the city for clues, we were able to learn more about Portsmouth’s rich history while doing some sight-seeing. We also had dinner on the HMS Warrior, a 150-year-old warship. Needless to say, I didn’t really want to leave.”



2- Brunel University of London:

“Brunel University is located in Uxbridge, London, which is only around 30 minutes away from Central London. This means that Uxbridge has all the charm of London but is less crowded and more affordable. The university itself, however, is a campus-based university which includes the university lecture rooms, workshops, and facilities, accommodation, hotel, supermarket, bank, pharmacy and more. I got the chance to tour the different workshops within the design and engineering departments, especially the ones used by students who major in Product Design or Product Design Engineering (ranked #1 in London). We also participated in a fun chocolate-wielding session where we had to wield a bridge out of chocolate and test its strength using weights of 1 to 2 kgs; which was a safer simulation of a plastic-wielding or metal-wielding workshop at the university. Counselors present also attended a Sherlock Holmes mock class by the vice dean of the College of Business, Arts and Social Sciences.”




3- Swansea University:

“My third destination was Swansea University, a university that is right on the shores of Wales. Apart from having the ocean as the university’s backyard, Swansea University boasts its advanced Engineering and Business departments. I got the chance to tour both departments and experience their facilities first-hand: The Aerospace Engineering lab, Civil Engineering Lab, Electrical Engineering lab, the Math Café, employment center, and much more were enough to make me wish I was a Swansea University student myself. The university will also be opening a building for advanced manufacturing techniques, where they will be able to build some of the materials used in their projects (they currently have a building that acts as its own power station-talk about sustainability!). I also visited the university’s accommodation and had lunch at their on-campus Café with the university’s friendly staff.”



4- University of Hertfordshire:

“My final destination was the University of Hertfordshire, known as the oldest pathway provider in the U.K. (and thus has quite an experience in the field). Within my limited time there I was able to tour the university and its accommodation, the “Forum” and “Hutton Hub” which house a bank, pharmacy, accommodation service, cafeteria, designated study areas and more. The university is around 20 minutes away from London and also has its own pub, so you don’t really need to leave campus! The university is located in Hatfield but I was also able to visit St. Albans and had dinner next to St. Albans Cathedral to conclude my time in the U.K.”


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