Daniella Mahfoud, MBA, Paris School of Business

My experience with Education Basket was great. As a student seeking a master’s degree abroad, their support and expertise were indispensable.
Right from the initial consultation, Hanine demonstrated a deep understanding of the challenges and complexities associated with international relocation and studying abroad. She patiently addressed all my queries and concerns, providing valuable insights and guidance on the best-suited destinations, universities, and programs for my academic goals.
One of the best features of Education Basket is their comprehensive approach to the relocation process. From the university applications to handling visa applications and everything in between, they took care of each aspect, leaving me with a peace of mind to focus on other issues meanwhile.
Education Basket’s network of partner institutions and contacts in various countries proved invaluable during the application process. With their assistance, I gained access to many opportunities and options that I would have otherwise struggled to discover on my own. They ensured that all the required documentation was accurate and submitted on time, sparing me from unnecessary delays or complications.
Overall, I can confidently say that Education Basket is top notch at assisting students to relocate internationally for higher education. Their seamless and efficient services made my transition abroad a smooth and unforgettable experience. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any student seeking guidance and support in pursuing their academic aspirations on a global scale.

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