Abderraouf Azkak, Paris School of Business

Last year, we helped Abderraouf Azkak enroll at the Paris School of Business to pursue his bachelor’s degree in international management. Following up with him, we discussed his experience of studying and living abroad and his plans for a master’s degree.

Abderraouf described his undergraduate years as “transformative”. He built a solid foundation in international management, enriched by diverse perspectives, viewpoints, and hands-on learning through case studies and internships.

Currently, Abderraouf applies the critical thinking, research skills, and theoretical frameworks he acquired to solve complex business problems and create effective strategies in his studies. His time abroad significantly uplifted his communication skills, broadened his insight into different cultures and allowed him to develop a global outlook that is essential for a connected and inclusive world.

Abderraouf is passionate about ongoing learning and advancing in his career path; he is now pursuing a master’s degree to refine his expertise in international management. He believes this will give him a shot in a competitive job market.

He also stressed the value of getting involved in extracurricular activities. Joining clubs, participating in volunteer work, and securing internships have not only expanded his professional network but also his personal growth. Such experiences are crucial because they allow students to apply classroom knowledge to real world challenges on ground and meet industry leaders.

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