Yasmina Kaka, De Montfort University

There are endless rewards that come with studying abroad. The challenges that students face are what usually make them grow and help them acquire the skills needed to excel in their everyday lives.

In this alumni closeups segment, Yasmina Kaka shared with us her experience during and after her graduation from De Montfort University in the UK in September 2022 with a masters in Interior Design. Yasmina described her education there as “enriching”, she then added that the degree provided her with valuable knowledge, skills, and an interesting network to set her off on her professional journey.

When asked about the advantages of getting international experience she highlighted several of them such as “cultural understanding, language skills, adaptability, global networking, personal growth, and professional development”.

Yasmina’s professional journey started just two months after graduation. The university played a role in reviewing her CV and portfolio which helped her land a suitable position. She also believed that her postgraduate education had equipped her with the set of skills, knowledge and the professional network to find that job.

Some of the acquired skills that Yasmina utilizes in her job today are “problem-solving abilities, research methodologies, and communication skills to effectively tackle challenges”.

Yasmina’s motivation behind pursuing a postgraduate degree was to deepen her expertise in the field of Interior Design and to advance her career opportunities so she can succeed in the UK’s competitive job market.

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