Aly Ibrahim, Vistula University

By: Education Basket

Deciding to pursue higher education abroad can often prove to be challenging. Some of our students have shared their experience with us.

Meet Aly Ibrahim, who, during the peak of the COVID crisis, enrolled at Vistula University in Poland for a bachelor’s degree in graphic design.

I have had a really great experience so far in Poland. This is my first visit to a European country!” he told us adding that the international experience taught him to “be independent and to learn how to live by [him]self in a different country”. This helped him grow as a person. Because of COVID, Aly had to take a gap year as he had caught the virus during his holidays in Egypt and was unable to join the course again. The university assisted him with his paperwork, and he had to push his graduation date to 2024.

While in Poland, Aly “looked for many student jobs such as Customer Service Assistant at a Telecom company, Teleperformance in the digital transformation agency, Game testing, as well as freelance graphic design opportunities and tutoring jobs”. Aly also looked into the fast-food industry where job openings are often available for students.  

Aly says the university offered to “help [him] find an internship by the end of the 4th through their dedicated job office service”.  

About his academic experience at Vistula, Aly explains that “the university has surely taught [him] a lot of skills related to the field of graphic design that will definitely play a big role in [his] professional future. [He] was able to acquire these skills through a lot of hard work and studying and rigorously attending classes”.  

Today, Aly is wondering about his next step. Should he go for a postgraduate program directly? Or get some work experience? He believes that if he “went for master’s degree, it would be to increase [his] level and skills in graphic design and more importantly, make him more competitive on the job market”.

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