Tony Chami – University of Nicosia

by: Education Basket

It is not easy choosing a major, nor a university that will be a stepping stone to your future. This is why we have decided to interview some of our partner universities’ graduates in this series of articles hoping their experience might help you make the right choice.

Tony Chami, a 27 year-old sales manager at a Dubai-based Communication agency, talked us through his journey at the University of Nicosia in Cyprus.

Tony joined Nicosia as an undergraduate student, undertaking a Bachelor of Business Administration before moving directly to a master’s degree in Business Administration and Management. His education in Cyprus “has opened his mind to important things” he tells us, allowing him to “enter the world of business”.

According to him, the courses offered by the university and the advisors’ assistance help students “open-up to new ways of thinking to stand out later on in their careers”. 

Tony also stressed on the importance of experiencing an international classroom and campus as it helped him “understand different perspectives”. Moreover, he adds that “engaging in different cultures was a helpful and value-adding experience” that comes in handy now that he is based in the UAE, a cosmopolitan country where he deals with people from different backgrounds on a daily basis. 

Upon graduating with a master’s degree in Business Administration, it took Tony approximately six months to land a job. According to him, the company was “interested in the idea that [he had completed] a thesis”. In fact, Tony tells us that most companies have looked into his thesis as such work shows a candidate’s “critical thinking, analysis and problem-solving skills”. 

Today, Tony makes use of what he learnt at Nicosia, especially when it comes to “team management and communication skills”.

All in all, Tony would say that his experience at Nicosia was of great value both on personal and professional levels.

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