Still hoping to study in London ? It’s not too late !

It’s not too late ! 

There is still time to apply for 2018!  Many recognized universities in the UK are still accepting applications for foundation, undergraduate, and graduate programs. Education basket will handle the entire application process, from researching and applying to universities to applying for a student visa. For foundation programs, you can apply with only a scan of your passport, high school grades, and IELTS, and expect a decision in 2 days!  


Prepare for your Student VISA 

Did you already apply to study in the US or the UK? Do you need help with your student VISA application? Education basket can assist you with your visa application, minimizing chances of rejection and preparing you well before your interview.  


Study in London 

Choose to study in London, one of the most vibrant and iconic cities in the world! London is a city of many faces: historic but also modern, sophisticated but artsy, cultural as well as international. Not only is it known for its attractive lifestyle, but it also holds some of the world’s best educational institutions. There is a vast number of libraries, support networks, and businesses which would all aid you in your educational and professional pursuits. In fact, you can study any topic you can imagine, be it fashion, business, medicine, design, etc., London has it all! Get to experience one of the most stimulating environments across the globe with some of our most distinguished partner universities and institutions.  



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